Zambawood: When in manila

Zambawood: My Luxury Beach House for the Weekend


When in Manila and looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Zambawood would be the perfect place for you.

Luxury Hotel Zambawood

Zambawood is no ordinary luxury beach house. See, apart from its beauty and tranquility, it is built with a purpose: a love for a son with special needs. Architect Rachel Harrison and her husband started Zambawood as a place for their son, Julyan, now 21, to have a happy and purposeful life in; but now, they’re opening it to the public. Their dream is not just for their son to be happy, but also to help the community by patronizing local products.

Our stay in Zambawood started with a warm welcome from Rachel and the staff offering their genuine smile with refreshing drinks followed by a tour of the place. The luxury beach house is a modern industrialised structure with a chic style, all built and designed by Rachel herself, portraying a picture of the life they had all over the world.

Everything in the house has its own story – from the wooden placemats they’ve had for 14 years to the hammock from Valenzuela that was given to them 40 years ago. Their desire was to share these bits of pieces of their lives to their guests to inspire and simply give them the best stay possible.

The place is located in the middle of Aguho pine trees. It has white big walls, black cement floors, high ceilings, and wood salvaged from old houses. Around Zambawood lies unspoilt natural beauty, one of the reasons why movies are made there.

Our afternoon was spent playing billiards, swimming in the pool, riding an ATV and walking by the woods. At the beach, we were greeted by Ken and the other staff members who prepared a perfect picnic area for us to enjoy the beauty of the waters and sunsets at.

During the length of our stay there, we were served with organic food that came from the farm Julyan takes care of. You can simply witness how the food was prepared with love and passion by their guest Chef Martin Bakunawa. The foods are healthy and yummy at the same time, so indulging yourself will not leave you feeling guilty.