The Beach House

Zambawood's vision started with The Beach House. Born amidst the Aguho pine trees growing on ripe volcanic nature with the beach in full view, The Beach House is penned from the inspired hand and mind of Rachel, whose architect background drew the modern-industrial structure, black cement floor, museo-like white walls, high ceilings, and furnished it with the couples well traveled chic style, an interesting mix of modern Art and Asian pieces.

The wood used, for flooring and furniture pieces has been salvaged from old houses. All throughout the sprawling Beach House, there are pieces that use natural local materials in an environmentally friendly way, played against modern settings. The four guest rooms are divided across the two wings of the house, which itself is the kind of setting where both quiet romantic poolside dinners or long-table banquets can easily be dreamt up and served for 2 to 50.

Sitting on the deck by the pool, one looks out through the pine trees to the beach and sea beyond, while listening to the crash of the waves, and the poolside fountains. You are left feeling calm, relaxed in a place that conjures imagery and inspires the imagination. In this contrasting juxtaposition of tall pine, the surfer beach, the wind, the volcanic nature of the place, the nearby fishing villages, you are in the clutches of the magic of Zambawood.

Zambawood, there's a reason movies are made here…

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