Zambawood Beach


From the Beach House, it’s an easy walk around the Zambawood pine to the beach shoreline of La Paz, the surfing Mecca of Zambales.
Between the months of October and February, the waves prove to be a high even to the intermediate surfers.

At dawn, you may find yourself watching the day unfold so simply for the local fishermen who pull their nets in for the catch of the day. The pine-scaped shoreline provides a picturesque setting for peaceful walks where one can be totally immersed in tranquility yet moved by the volcanic and raw nature of Zambawood shoreline. Dusk to sunset can at times be the most mystical of sky-sets, when the pine trees rustle the nights onset framed by the magic of the sky above.

The evening skies are endless and entertaining when counting shooting stars or lightning shows in the distance, so clear you can almost hear the satellites whizzing by miles above.

Zambawood, there’s a reason movies are made here.

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