About Zambawood


Zambawood is a sprawling ranch estate where guests can spend their days exploring the mystical qualities of the shores of Zambales.

Rife and ripe with adventure in its environmental genealogy, the area is full of potential energy, from the volcanic origins of the land, to the whimsical pine trees on the beach, one would never think they are in the Philippines.

With a gorgeous backdrop like this to explore, even the movie studios have found their settings, and thus the name was born, Zambawood.

As with all things Filipino, you will find the unique twists and flavouring added by the intrinsic creative nature of our people, steered by the unique vision behind Zambawood.

Part resort, part haven, part creative think-tank, part organic, part movie-esque, take your best shot at allowing yourself to be swept up in the embrace of this magical place.

You may just find yourself, or that moment hanging in time where you realise what life, and your life, is truly all about.

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