About us


Special deeds for special needs, and born from this, Zambawood is the vision and constantly evolving creation of a couple with a special needs adult son. 

What started as a peaceful and tranquil enclave for Julyan to live, enjoy and find his purpose, is now slowly and steadily growing into a magical place for others to discover.

The mixed marriage couple, she an architect, he an international executive, are a formidable team constantly developing the property, with inspiration coming from their travels and countries they have lived and worked in, from Asia to Europe, North America to Africa.

From the organic farm, to exploring the wonders of nature all about, to finding that special place for a quiet spiritual retreat within, for a beach holiday, or an adventure without bounds, to a venue for a party or event, Zambawood, a special place to discover the special in all of us.


Welcome to Zambawood!

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