A mother’s dreams

Rachel Harrison had the perfect life. A loving husband, a
lifestyle better than many. Until one event changed all that.

At the age of two, her son Julyan Harrison was diagnosed with autism. Rachel says the hardest thing about Julyan’s autism was accepting what she had been told, that Julyan would never be normal. “There have been low points,“ she admits.

“What happens to Julyan
when I’m gone?“

It is the same question every mother with a differently-abled child asks. With so-called “normal” children, the dreams are similar—to do well in school, and afterwards, get a career and live a happy productive life. Can the mother of child with autism dream the same dreams?

No one, however is as tenacious as a mother whose child’s life and happiness is endangered. Rachel read all about autism and what could be done.

“I started visualizing a life for him in Zambales, with
activities and routines that are healing for the soul and
additionally would give him vocational skills within a small
community. That’s how the concept of ‘Fun and Purpose’
came about. What we have created for him has paid off.”

Julyan’s Zambawood has proven the perfect place for healing and development. In this beautiful, nurturing setting amidst caring people, Julyan has built a routine that has given his Fun and Purpose, helping him grow and thrive, with activities that fill his life and develop his abilities.

But what about other people, other children? The ones that do not have the same resources as Julyan?

Rachel is now working on a bigger dream: Replicating what she has done for Julyan through Zambawood for other parents like her. She is now working even harder to help empower special needs adults, especially those from families who are not well-off – to live semi-independent lives.

But it will take more than just Rachel on her own to help more children born with disabilities to become all that they can be, just like Julyan. It will take the support of like-minded companies, organizations, and individuals.


Julyan has autism. But there is more to him than that.

He has talent, drive and focus, as well as the industry that has seen him create a working farm of flowers
and organic vegetables, exhibits of his paintings, and a collection of merchandise that bears his designs. He
is differently-abled, but he is abled. And more than that, he is an inspiration.

Diagnosed with autism at age 2, he is a resident of Julyan’s Farm, an integrated community of for Adults
Living with Autism and other disabilities. Today, Julyan finds his purpose through fun activities in our
countryside setting in the province of Zambales.

“Aside from painting, Julyan is a farmer, a cook,
a surfer and more. Who knows what else he will be tomorrow?”


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